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The Power of an Idea

Every great achievement, every winning trend and every great discovery or invention was an idea someday. And perhaps most of them began very innocuously in the unlikeliest of places. Newton and the apple tree is perhaps the most referred to and oft-repeated of them all. That has been a milestone in the history of science, which has been dotted with numerous other small and big milestones, each stemming from an idea, and each important in its own way.
In recent times, telecommunication, e-commerce and mobile internet have perhaps been the three most life-changing ideas. And the change has been rapid and swift, so much so that even a country such as India can think of a cashless economy. Mobile wallets are becoming more and more popular and there are people who only shop online. Social media reflects public thinking and even a single tweet can evoke extreme reactions.

These are sweeping changes brought about by small changes in the way of thinking, and by daring to go where none other have gone before. For every idea that snowballed into something big, several others must have fallen by the wayside. That, in no way, diminishes their importance. Every change comes not only with the one who succeeded, but also with the several others who tried. And every effort contributes to the final success.

Idea Inbox at mjunction, which is a forum that will empower junctionites to bring about change, is aimed at building a culture of fresh and innovative ideas at mjunction. And who will decide the best idea of them all? Not the senior management, not the top bosses but the junctionites themselves, through SMS voting. Physical voting was replaced by SMS voting in order to enable outstation junctionites to vote and be counted as well.

Three events have been conducted already and the response is indeed encouraging. The best part is that both the ideas presented in the second event have also been cleared for implementation. Ideas have the power to change, and the objective is that every junctionite should imbibe the culture of ideas – where every idea is welcomed, presented and given a fair chance. This will encourage a dynamic environment and thinking out of the box.

It is important to own ones idea and to stand by it no matter what. For that has the power for a bigger change. In a young organisation such as mjunction, people are brimming over with ideas and Idea Inbox will give each of them a chance. Thinking is a habit and will not stop once they are out of office or even if they work for a different organisation. Together, we have the power to bring about change and can be change agents for our country, which is on the threshold of a completely new era.

Authored by

Madhuchanda Dasgupta

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