E- Procurement Platform

Our user-friendly cloud-based e-Procurement supports simple to complex procurement processes covering the entire procurement lifecycle of goods, services & projects, enables supplier management & ratings and allows for integration with legacy ERPs. It allows organizations to design their own workflow, rules and configure the system as per their need.
The application’s motto is Better Procurement for every stakeholder in the organization. Following are it six facets:
– Visibility & process compliance
– Enables higher savings
– Faster, easier procurement process
– Secure with quick ERP integration capability
– Quick to adapt and learn
– Enhances efficiency, reduces cost of procurement.

Procurement Assistance Services

Our procurement-assistance services help clients to buy industrial goods and services with efficiency and effectiveness, thereby not only lowering procurement costs but also decreasing the purchase cycle-time. Measurable outcomes for clients are delivered through a world-class IT platform, tools, processes, and specialists having deep knowledge on an extensive range of material-categories.

Ocean Vessel Chartering

mjunction’s ocean vessel chartering service enables the client to obtain the best available market rates within a short cycle time. It provides enhanced geographical reach, enabling vessel owners/operators/brokers to bid from any part of the world. The platform ensures the best price using online competitive bidding, thereby providing equal opportunities to all participants.

The e-platform consists of an automated end-to-end process for floating the requirements to the market, technical evaluation of offers and negotiation of rates without revealing any identity. It is a “win-win” solution for all stakeholders by deployment of latest technology and relevant processes.

With diverse requirement patterns across diverse industries, clients have their unique freight procurement requirements and strategies. With mjunction’s domain expertise, it specializes in providing customizable, client-specific solutions, making it stand out from others in the market.

Today, mjunction has an established and readily available network of more than + 200 world reputed ship owners/operators and + 75 brokers spread across Asia and Europe.

Service Offerings

The eMarketplaces are designed to create value for both buyers and sellers while bringing in efficiency and transparency into the processes.

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