Circular Economy Platforms

We are strongly in favour of propagation of a circular economy which promotes recycling of steel and other types of scrap / idle assets through transparent , efficient electronic marketplaces wherein buyers and sellers transact basis a model that delivers value to both stakeholders . The recycling offers faster conversion of inventory to cash through price discovery, buyer discovery through a transparent electronic bidding process. Buyers get direct access to the large sellers, eliminating middlemen and disintermediating the supply chain. Market-driven price discovery results in the best price realisation for you.

A trading platform for steel recyclables :

A robust IT platform and several other levers work in conjunction to generate value from a circular economy recycling steel scrap. Few of them include :

a) In-house Product Category Expertise
b) Extensive Buyer Bases
c) In-house online selling strategy expertise

A combination of the above levers allows for a for higher price realization for steel scrap through greater participation of buyers enabling faster evacuation of materials leading to a reduction in cycle time and greater geographical reach for initiation of new buyers . Access is provided to you on market intelligence on products , thereby , helping you take informed decisions . Availability of system generated reports allow for capture of complete details of buyer participation and audit trails for compliance .

A trading platform for non-steel recyclables and idle assets :

Recycling of other types of scrap other than steel scrap / disposal of idle assets allows for monetization of the same with mjunction’s platform facilitating unlocking of the true value of your non-steel scrap / idle assets and help discover the best market prices for the same in the shortest possible time .

Several pluses exist in favour of mjunction when it comes to recycling of non-steel scrap / idle assets viz

a) Devising sales strategies based on the condition and type of assets
b) An extensive Buyer base in different product categories/segments
c) Enablement of quick access to new markets/ geographies/products
d) Inspection and Market based Valuation services
e) Faster evacuation of materials from client premises

mjunction has been recognised

One of the 5 business models(CEO Guide to the Circular Economy) for implementing circular economy by World Business Council for Sustainable Development-

One of the 8 business cases for The Circular Economy (Integr8: Align with corporate strategy or mission) by World Business Council for Sustainable Development


Estimation and
Valuation Services

Thoroughly Inspecting each asset being offered for sale and providing useful inputs to the seller on the optimal disposal mechanism of the material. Our team’s inspection and estimation services entails visiting the plants, segregating the items into scrap, assets that can be refurbished, unused assets and hazardous items. It also involves inventorying the assets and sorting them it onto various categories based on its type and use. This service not only helps to recognize the life cycle time of the machineries but also identifies the hazardous items. The team follows international valuation standards published by International Valuation Standard Council (IVSC).

E-Auction of Idle Assets

The objective of this service is to help realize the best monetary value from your idle and non-performing assets, by disposing / recycling / selling them to credible buyers at the best market prices. We deal with monetization of your Idle assets; Industrial assets (includes all types of plant & machineries), obsolete spares, regular asset scrap (includes hazardous items), natural resources & immovable assets (land & building). Enabled by an ecosystem of large cross-geographic buyer base, knowledge of the right price to sell, and a service platform offering 20+ sales strategies we assure best price realization and the fastest possible evacuation with minimum involvement of your time and resource.

eAuction of Steel

We offer a robust IT platform for eSelling of steel that enables quick selling of the materials with a potential for higher price realisation through greater participation of buyers. The system enables faster evacuation of materials thereby reducing the cycle time and increases the geographical reach with addition of new buyers. We provide you access to market intelligence on products, helping you take informed decisions. There is availability of system-generated reports capturing complete details of buyer participation and audit trails for compliance.

Case Studies