Strengthen Your Sales Channel Through Customer Loyalty

Building and retaining customer loyalty is a tricky issue in this age of fast-moving information and access to a plethora of choices. Our channel enrichment solution and services will help you recognise, reward and retain your channel partners thereby energising your sales channel.

Multi modal data capturing technology

Omni-channel engagement platform

Wide variety of reward options

Strong network of logistics partners

We have unparalleled experience and credibility in delivering happiness to beneficiaries across the country. Our dedicated merchandisers source the best gifts in more than 25 categories, which ensures that you meet the expectations of beneficiaries of a varied profile with varied expectations. Our approach towards offering dynamic gift catalogues, either online or offline, lends a novelty value in your engagement for effective differentiation. We have a vast, robust fulfilment network to ensure effective delivery of gifts at doorsteps, even in the hinterlands. We have five warehouses across India to work on a hub-and-spoke model. Our strategic tie-ups with speed post and all reputed courier organisations ensure timely dispatch of gifts. Tie-ups with regional players and special agencies help us reach doorsteps where others struggle. Our dedicated helpdesk support and standardised return and replacement policies ensure the smile is never lost for the beneficiary. Thus, we have been proudly and happily delivering gifts at an average speed of 4.7 days. This is the way of gifting and not delivering alone.

Building and retaining customer loyalty are tricky issues in this age of fast-moving information and access to a plethora of choices. Customer-loyalty programmes are a structured and long-term marketing effort, which provide incentives to repeat-customers, who demonstrate loyal-buying behaviour. We develop, implement, and manage highly effective, tailormade loyalty programmes for channel partners and influencers. The platform’s superior programme-design ensures sacrosanct data visibility, improved channel sales, and faster adoption by channel partners. The platform delivers analytics-driven insights for incisive marketing decisions. Segmentation based on loyalty data and designing tailormade programmes have created huge programme equity across established brands. Use of gamification and multi-modal communication channels for continual buzz and engagement is the key focus to create emotional connect. With a deep understanding of consumer insights built over the years, we deliver customer engagement through gamification and incentive-based reward schemes, thus helping to build customer loyalty towards the client brand.

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